Since the beginning, when AMARO first started its operations, all the employees that came to our team engaged in some kind of training during the first few weeks of work to better understand responsibilities and tools. With time, and the rapidly growth of the company, the Talent team saw the necessity for creating an integration process to new contributors, which was called AMARO Empower. Composed by a four-day training program and two months of close monitoring by our Talent team, AMARO Empower seeks a seamless integration of new members in our team.


Researches about best practices in Human Development show that a robust and well structured onboarding process is gaining importance, especially in tech-companies and startups, as a way of overcoming the confusion period, common to employees in a new work environment. At AMARO, the daily use of technology tools, that are still new to the Brazilian market, adds to the challenge. With that in mind, the objective of the onboarding program is that the new hired is more prepared when he/she starts in his area, having most of the doubts answered and with a good understanding of our work style, beliefs, values and what we expect to achieve in the future.

It wasn’t by chance that this name was chosen. AMARO Empower was created with the intention of awakening the need, among the new employees, to make a difference in the company. Something that would radiate a sense of autonomy and individual empowerment, so that they could start the job with the desire for contributing with their best.


On the first day of work, the employee is welcomed with a special breakfast in our training room, where he will spend the first four days participating in talks by our CEO or CFO, presentations of the department heads and training of the technological tools we use internally. In some moments, he will visit manufacturing and logistics departments to better understand our operational processes. Finally, he will spend part of the last day of onboarding  in one of our Guide Shops. There, he will have the opportunity to learn more about the work of the sales team and how we introduce our innovative way to shop to our customers. He will also get a gift card so that he can live AMARO’s retail experience from start to finish.


A welcome kit is given to each new employee when he arrives at his work station on the fifth day of training.  Lindt chocolates (after all, two of our founders are from Switzerland), a personalized notebook, a squeeze and a balloon to identify the new peer of the area. In that way, it is easier for colleagues to better identify and welcome the newcomers.

Finally, also as part of the onboarding process, there is the buddy program. In the course of two months, each new contributor gets a buddy, an employee that’s been in the company for a while and that will be responsible for helping the new person with doubts about systems, our culture and the daily activities of the area. The buddy also helps the Talent department to enhance its actions in the development of new talents by providing feedback about the evolution of his acclimation in the area.

All this cycle was developed because we truly believe that our talents are unique in the market. Before entering, they go through a rigorous selection process, with several steps. Thus, it is fair enough that they feel welcomed at their start, so their full potential is achieved. What we want the most are motivated people to take forward our conviction that creativity and technology are limitless.